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My name is Peter and I’m a bricklayer and builder by trade.

I’ve been building houses for over 40 years and I’m passionate about doing things better and more simply – with quality, value for money and care for the environment built into everything I do.


Since starting as an apprentice bricklayer in the 70’s I’ve been involved in building hundreds of developments in masonry.

On my journey, I’ve learned many building skills “on the tools” including site and build management, materials specification/estimation/costing and CAD design.

I’ve also experienced first hand the many changes facing the Building Industry especially the introduction of new methods, materials and regulations.

Time for Change

In 2007 I started my own Development Company as I wanted to offer the very best quality build at a value for money price using innovative materials and methods wherever possible.

In particular, I wanted to use SIPS panels as an alternative to conventional masonry but the overall build cost was too expensive. While the basic SIPS costs were reasonable, the need to construct a ventilated cavity wall and an extra batten and plasterboard to house services made the materials and labour costs uncompetitive.

In addition, the SIPS didn’t meet the levels of fire, water/damp and pest resistance required or the eco-friendly credentials that were demanded.


Now, after thorough research, product development and rigorous testing I’m delighted to introduce ABETTER® PANEL.

ABETTER® PANEL offers a simple, cost effective solution that replaces OSB Board with Magnesium Oxide Board and delivers outstanding performance and return on investment.

It’s unique combination of strength, fire resistance, and speed of build as well as its green credentials make ABETTER® PANEL the natural choice.

I’m passionate about making things better for everyone so please contact me to discover how ABETTER® PANEL can do it for you and your build!

Peter Fishenden
Managing Director

A Better® Panel

A Panel for the 21st Century

Brief Overview

A Structural Insulated Panel System or SIPS has been around for more than 60 years.

It usually consists of a “sandwich” of 2 OSB boards with a polystyrene or polyurethane core to provide insulation. While SIPs are relatively economic and easy to install compared with traditional materials and methods, they do have a number of disadvantages.

These include:

  1. Poor moisture resistance
  2. Minimal fire resistance
  3. Poor pest resistance
  4. Requires detailed design and custom specification prior to delivery
  5. Requires an external ventilated cavity either a brick skin or render carrier board and an interior service void made with batten and plasterboard, (very costly in terms of both materials and labour)

Now there is a SIPs panel that overcomes many of these disadvantages and delivers a panel to meet and exceed the demands of the today’s building industry.

Our new A Better® Panel has replaced OSB with Magnesium Oxide (MgO) board, delivering a far superior 21st century building board.

By removing OSB and substituting with MgO we have developed a simple, adaptable and fully compliant panel that delivers exceptional results and significantly reduces build time and cost. Our MgO Panel is designed and built in the UK and is currently the only BBA certificated board available.

A Better® Panel has many advantages:
  1. Exceptionally water resistant - inclement weather does not affect its structure
  2. Fire tested to BS476 part 21 and 22 - indicate over 60 minutes
  3. Totally pest proof
  4. Services void not required as conduit is positioned in factory prior to installing BASF polyurethane insulation core
  5. Tested and accredited by Knauf for their external Conni s render and internal spray plaster (external finish having a 10 year warranty) a monolithic structure can be specified giving a U value of 0.137w/m2K and air tightness of below 1 @ 50pa)

A BETTER® HAUS has already built a number of houses with this new panel in the Greater London area receiving both Full Building Control Approval by both Local Authority and Accredited Building Surveyors and a 10 year Structural Warranty allowing purchasers to obtain a mortgage.

To find out more please contact Peter Fishenden on 07932 048791 or email [email protected].


Where can ABETTER® PANEL be used and how does it help?


Simple form construction can be erected rapidly with ABETTER® PANEL while delivering stunning aesthetic results(see example Compton Villa pdf). Inclement weather doesnt affect build or compromise insulation values, i.e. when traditional cavity insulation gets wet it can take a long time to completely dry out resulting in drastically reduced U values.

Knauf accredit ABETTER® PANEL with their Conni s render and internal spray plaster system and also provide a 10 year warranty.

Several houses have been built with ABETTER® PANEL using both Local Authority Building Control and Accredited Building Control and have received a 10 year warranty by C-R-L to enable mortgages to be obtained.


Off-site construction in both SIPS and light gauge steel frame pod construction can benefit hugely by using ABETTER® PANEL.

In SIPS construction there is no need for plasterboard vapour barrier nor battening to be used and if required the external finish can be applied before the units are sent to site.

In Steel Frame construction ABETTER® PANEL can be used to stiffen the frame taking out most, if not all, diagonal bracing and delivers rapid finishing both internal and external.


A Better® Panel has many advantages over conventional SIPS panels when used for reinforced concrete or steel frame.

In particular A Better® Panel delivers in excess of 60mins in fire tests to BS476 parts 21 and 22 but requires NO additional boards or finishes to meet the fire requirements. This factor alone saves significant time and money.

ABETTER® Panel delivers exceptional performance in screw pull tests making it the perfect choice for high rise/multi-storey applications.

Click here to view our independent screw pull out test data.

A Better® Haus


I can arrange support at every stage of your project based on your specific requirements. Services include:









To find out more please contact Peter Fishenden on:

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